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Practice Questions – Part 3

1. Which three aspects of the DSS environment have gained importance as technology has improved? (Choose three.)

A. the ability to use detailed data
B. the ability to do ad hoc queries
C. the ability to do batch reporting
D. requiring the data to be in a data mart
E. the decreased need to use summary data
Answer: ABE

2. You are designing a data warehouse which your customers will use for long range strategic planning and to answer “what if” type questions.
What type of system should you design?
Answer: A

3. Which two key aspects must be considered for an OLTP application? (Choose two.)
A. Many tables must be accessed to retrieve data.
B. Only a few of many possible tables are accessed.
C. Very little I/O processing is required to complete a transaction.
D. Data retrieved may need further processing using aggregations, joins, or sorts.
Answer: BC

4. Which business example is considered OLTP?

A. capacity planning for the RDBMS
B. ATM money withdrawal from a bank
C. query of retailer database to determine monthly sales of shoes
D. determining the interest rate for a loan, based on credit rating and current assets
Answer: B

5. Which is an example of an OLTP environment?
A. updating a checking account to reflect a deposit
B. creating a report to show how much credit can be extended to a customer
C. creating a report to show a comparison of sales from this week to last week
D. creating a report that shows the top ten selling items across all stores for one year
Answer: A

6. What is a transaction?
A. a logical unit of work
B. a single SQL statement
C. a logon, submittal of work, and logoff
D. a single SQL statement and the unit of recovery
Answer: A

7. Which two types of data is found in data marts? (Choose two.)
A. detailed data for a particular use
B. all detailed data for general use
C. summary data for a particular use
D. summarized subset of detailed data for general use
Answer: AC

8. What is a logical data mart?

A. a data load from a data warehouse
B. an existing part of the data warehouse
C. a separate structure of the data warehouse
D. a physical part of the operational data stores
Answer: B

9. What are three characteristics of an Active Data Warehouse environment? (Choose three.)
A. support of tactical queries
B. allows for data redundancy
C. mission critical applications
D. 24×7 availability and reliability
Answer: ACD



Disclaimer – These questions are collected from various sources on internet and teradatatech is not claiming for their occurrence in the real teradata certification exams. Please treat these questions as the practice set and test your knowledge accordingly.




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