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  1. Srini

    How can we read data in fastload error1 table, it’s in ASCII code, please let me know how we can make it as readable format.

    1. Srini

      Also please let me know whether we can see which record giving error while using ERRLIMIT

  2. Raj Kumar

    If I give ERRLIMIT as 10, does that mean the job can success even if there are 10 errors in ET table and 10 errors in UV table or it can handle only 10 errors from both the error tables?

    Also, can you please post the working of Multiload

  3. Aylwin Cherian

    Hi Admin

    I have a question related to Fast Load to old tables and new. So is there any difference or performance changes while a Fast Load loads data to old and new Tables.Please share your thoughts…N.B. im new to Teradata .. this question was asked by my senior but cant exactly get the actual answer…Please advice

    1. admin

      please elaborate more on old and new tables ?
      Fastload is used to load data from data files to Teradata table. For table to table load you can use BTEQ scripts.

  4. Zohaib Hossain

    Good explanation!

  5. Ganesh

    Hi ,

    Thanks a lot…it is helpful.

  6. Wagner

    Thanks, very helpfull!!!!

  7. Sathish

    Very simple, easily understandable and clear explanation. Keep up this work. Thanks a lot 🙂

  8. surendhar

    really its very use fulll

  9. Prashant Nile

    I ran the fastload script with errlimit 1 and inserted the records with same primary index for two record. It ran successfully with ET2=2 records even though the errlimit 1. why?

    1. srinivas

      ET2 is working on phase 2, so error limit is not working here.

  10. Sumit

    Hi, Jst want to know when fastload doen’t allow duplicate rows to be inserted then how does it checks for duplicacy. Because it is a very costly operation on DB but still fastload is considered as the fastest utility.

  11. Charankumar

    Hi Admin,

    we will appreciate if you could post some sample scripts and how that scripts will work.


  12. SSS

    Hi, Can you please post articles on other Teradata Loader utilities? I would be glad.

    Good work!


    1. Charankumar

      Hi Admin,

      Great work!!. even iam looking for other Teradata Loader utilities-Mload,TPT.


  13. priya

    Nitin,… Really fantastic work by you… !! very informative at the same time.. very simple.

    1. admin

      thanks … 🙂

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