Mar 14

Practice Questions 3

Click below link to start –

 Practice 3

You may also want to check below mentioned Sample Papers for completer reference –

 Practice 1
 Practice 2

I have also identified few E books which is immensely useful for Teradata Certification Preparation. Please have a look and if you are seriously preparing for TD certifications then don’t hesitate to purchase it.(Hover the mouse on the below image to get more information about the book)



Disclaimer – These questions are collected from various sources on internet and teradatatech is not claiming for their occurrence in the real teradata certification exams. Please treat these questions as the practice set and test your knowledge accordingly.


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  1. VaradaReddy

    please share me the dumps in my mail Id: varadareddy47@gmail.com


  2. KJC

    Hi ,

    Im planning to have my certification. Can you please send me a copy of materials for TD 14 Basic so that I can prepare for it.


  3. sundeep

    Please any one can share Study material for terdata

  4. santhosh

    Hi All ,

    I am new to teradata could you please send me the teradata meterials or documnets if u guys have any .

    Thanks for the help in Advance .

    My id :santoshkumar.vajrapu@gmail.com

  5. nikil

    am new to teradata. Could you share basic TERADATA pdfs or ppts for Begineers and SQL also..

    my mail id is nikil.indianrocks@gmail.com

  6. SunnyYadav

    Dear Admin,

    Can you please provide study material for teradata 14 basic foundation certification exam.

    Please mail me at sunnyyadav8787@gmail.com

    Sunny Yadav

  7. Neha

    Dear Admin,

    Can you please provide me study material for Teradata basic exam TE0-121.

    you can mail me on: jobzhunter@gmail.com.

    thanks for your Help.


    1. Gowri

      can you please provide the study material fro teradata
      mail id is saku_gowri@yahoo.co.in

  8. Bidisha

    Please let me know if any sample is available for TEO 123. Also the experience of anyone who has appeared in the exam in the last one month

  9. PriyaSudheer

    Hi Sir,
    Please explain the concept about the Queue tables in teradata and what will happen if there is no data present in the queue table if select and consume statement is applied.

    Thanks ,

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