Feb 26

Teradata 12 Certification – Intro

For latest update about Teradata 14 certification, click below link –

Teradata 14 Certification

The Teradata Certified Professional Program is focused on advancing the growth of Teradata knowledge and skills to a worldwide professional IT community.

After V2R5 the latest set of exams for Teradata is – TERADATA 12. There are total 7 exams for Teradata 12 mastery course, each exam is categorized according to the different levels of skill and experience.

The list of exam are as follows –

TE0-121 Teradata 12 Basics exam 2 hours
TE0-122 Teradata 12 SQL exam 2 hours 15 minutes
TE0-123 Teradata 12 Physical Design and Implementation exam 2 hours
TE0-124 Teradata 12 Database Administration exam 2 hours 15 minutes
TE0-125 Teradata 12 Solutions Development exam 3 hours
TE0-126 Teradata 12 Enterprise Architecture exam 2 hours 45 minutes
TE0-127 Teradata 12 Comprehensive Mastery exam 3 hours 30 minutes

The top three exams i.e Teradata 12 Basics exam, Teradata 12 SQL exam, Teradata 12 Physical Design and Implementation exam are the foundation of the Teradata 12 certification. These certifications reflect the strong grasp on Teradata fundamentals – which includes Teradata SQL, physical design and implementation. A work experience of 6 months to 2 year is the most desirable range to complete these certifications.

After completing these basics prerequisites you can move the more advanced job role exam that lead to higher level certifications.

The detail syllabus of each exam is given in the following link –


Also have a look on the practice question set for first exam of TD Certification i.e. TD BASICS (TEO-121) >>

I have also identified few E books which is immensely useful for Teradata Certification Preparation. Please have a look and if you are seriously preparing for TD certifications then don’t hesitate to purchase it.(Hover the mouse on the below image to get more information about the book)




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  1. Santu

    Hi Admin,

    I’m planning to undergo for TD 14 Basics certification. Can any one of you please provide me the dump or any sample questions.

  2. Ashish

    Teradata doscontinued TCPP 12 (121….) exams from sept 29th. Now only TCPP 14 (141…..) exmas available.

    1. Norbert Kardos

      From Sept 30 of 2014, not 2013!
      I’m looking for TE0-127 exam pdf, any help?

      Most Teradata environments provide significant opportunities.
      Optimize with PRISE tools!

  3. Ashish

    Hi everyone,

    TERADATA discontinued Teradata TCPP 12 exams from september 2013. Now only TCPP 14 (141….) exams are available.

  4. sk

    Planning to go for Teradata basics…have heard about WBT..but it costs 395 for just WBT.
    Can anyone share WBT plz?

  5. joy

    Hie all, i have dumps for teradata basics, can anyone pls tell me if I prepare only the dumps, can I pass the exam? Pls tell me

  6. Kiran Thomas

    I bookmarked this link. It is really great! Could you please share some sample questions for Teradata Certification. It would be of great help!

  7. teja

    I am planning to write te0-121 exam could you pls share and dumps and material you are having plss…


  8. Swapnil Gupta

    Hi Admin,

    I have cleared Teradata 12 physical implementation certification(TE0-123).
    Could you plz help me to find material and sample questions for teradata 12 DBA(TE0-124) .

  9. blng_blng

    i am sitting for te0-121 real soon…
    this site has really given me good info,,,
    would anyone like to share any more info?
    i am willing to share the information i have…

  10. manjula

    hi admin,
    i am planning to write the TE0-123 physical implementation.
    could you please share the dump.


  11. jackie

    Hi can you please guide me the link for Teradata PI exam dumps?

    Thanks in advance!

  12. arun


    Am working in Dataware house testing for the past 5 years.Database used is Oracle.

    Am planning to shift gears and i would like to take up the basic and SQL certifications of teradata.kindly advice and support.


  13. Manu

    Hello Admin,

    As per your msg, WBT for TD-12 SQL is free on Teradata website. Request you to please share the link for the same and necessay steps to download the document.

  14. poorni

    can anyone send me teo121 dumps.
    thanks for your help

  15. Naveen

    Hi Nitin
    Do you have any wbt for teo-123

  16. Ashish

    I am preparing for TE0212 exam but i am not getting syllabus and dumps for the same. Can yo help me with this..? Also i want to ask how much dumps will help me..? can i rely in dumps..?

  17. Nejat

    If anybody has TE0-123 exam dump. Can you share with me?

  18. Mahi

    Any one has any documentation / dump/ pdf for TE0-127 exam. Please share it with me.

    1. ram

      hi Mahi,

      can you please send me dump for teo-124 exam.

  19. Har

    I am preparing for TD Basics(TE0-121) certification exam. Can you please suggest the materials to go thru to clear the certification? If you have any study materials can you post it…thanks in advance for your reply

  20. ravi


    As am fresher newly joined in company. Am planing to write certification on TEO(121 &122). can u pls tell me how many Questions are there in TEO 121 & 122 exam and any cutoff marks.how many marks has to score to Pass in certification. Pls guide me

    Thanks U


    1. admin

      Hi Ravi,

      In both the exams there are around 90 -95 questions.
      The time duration is 2 – 2.5 hrs

      As such there is no defined cut off or passing marks. A passing score is set during the exam and the individual is either at, above or below that passing marks. So nobody knows about the cut off marks.

      1. ravi


        Do you have study material/sample question on TEO(121&122), can u pls suggest me which book has to refere for basics.

  21. hemachandran

    Is WBT enough to pass the Teradata 12 Basics exam?

    1. admin

      Yes …

      But to enhance your own knowledge i suggest to read the coffing as well 🙂

      1. hemachandran

        Thanks a lot for your prompt reply.
        I am going thru the Coffing too.
        Good job, Keep it up 🙂

  22. Priya


    I have completed my te0-121 and 122 exams and I am working on the 123 exam. Do you have study material/ sample questions on that? If so, can you send it to my email? Thanks


    1. admin

      Hi Priya,

      very soon i’ll be sharing the sample questions for TEO-123 🙂

      If you want then you can share your experience of basic and sql exam with our readers.

      1. Priya

        Hi Admin,

        Can you please explain what is viewpoint in teradata and how,why its used.


        1. admin

          you can imagine teradata viewpoint as the collection of various DBA utilities which is bundled together in the single portal for ease of B users as well as DBA personal.
          for more info refer the slide given on TD site –

          1. Priya

            Admin …thanks for your reply…!!!!

    2. ravi

      hi priya,

      am plaining to write teo-121 basic may i know how many Questuions are there or any cutoff marks. can u senmd me the study material for teo-121 and 122 exams/sample Questions Pls guide me.

      any one of them can send to my mail id

      thank u

      1. priya

        Hi Ravi,

        To clear the basics you can refer the teratom basics and also the book suggested by Teradataforum(you can order it from some commercial sites) in the basics exam most of the question are from the TD Architecture,TTU and storage,Locks and data protection. In the begin of the exam of 10 mins there will set of questions for survey purpose. In the SQLs(TE0-122) most of the question i have face are from DATE and TIME,data conversion,Joins,Rank and random sampling.V2R5 WBT is a good stuff to clear this exam. Please let me know is the info useful.
        All the best for your certifications

        1. Manu

          Hi Priya,

          Can you pls. share the WBT for exam TE0-122?


          1. Priya

            Hi Manu,
            Am fine to sharev the WBT of SQL but need to get the permission of site admin and will share with all.

            Hi Admin,

            Can you pls tell me how to share any docs or any material related.

          2. admin


            Please do any sharing outside of this site, also i guess WBT for SQL is freely available on Teradata site. you just need to login there and download the material. so you can give here the link and necessary steps which needs to perform.


        2. sripriya

          Hi priya,
          I am planning to take up the Teradata 12 basic certification , Could you please share the WBT material for this.
          Thanks in advance.

  23. vishal

    For the 1st level certification exam, I have heard that there are 95 questions divided into 11 sections. And to clear it, we need to score 80% in each of the 11 sections. Is this true ??

    1. admin

      Hi Vishal,

      In 1st level certification exam i.e. TD 12 BASIC (TEO-121) there are total 95 questions.
      As such there is no sections defined in the exam, but the questions will be from the overall syllabus defined for the Basic exam.

      Regarding passing percentage, teradata not reveal your score nor the passing marks :(. So there is no such confirmation about the passing marks.

      Hope that helps 🙂

      For sample papers of Basic and SQL please refer –

  24. Naveen Kumar

    This site is very useful.

    Thanks for all the info you provided.

    1. admin

      Thanks for the appreciation Naveen 🙂

  25. Nitin

    I thank you for your guidance as i wanna take up the certifications too.
    superb!! job
    i like ur website as its ideal for brushing up few concepts, which are written in such a simple language and learn the unknown concept with ease

    1. admin

      thanks 🙂
      and all the best for your certification …

  26. Mahi

    I am planning to apper TD12 certification exams. Please share /email sample questions for these 3 exams.

    1. admin

      Hi Mahi,

      will post few sample question specific for TD12 very soon.

  27. Sangram

    Hi Naveen,

    Could you please write here the WBT link details.I just confused with couple of link I came across.which one is realied to be follow..







    Thanks In Advance,

    1. admin


      please refer this link for WBT


  28. buy tramadol

    I bookmarked this link. Thank you for good job!

  29. Ashish

    Hi All

    I am planning to take up the SQL exam soon. Any ideas where I can get some sample questions and study material. I have a Teradata SQL book which was very helpful in passing the V2R5 exam when I took it. Will that be enough for this one as well?


    1. admin

      hi Ashish
      Refer the WBT (Web Bases Training) for TD12 SQL also. its a must do thing for appearing in exam.
      btw have you completed the basic exam of TD12 i.e – TE0-121 ?

  30. Raj

    Hi Nitin
    Can you tell us what is the passing percentage and number of questions in the TD12-Basic certification exam ?

    1. admin

      hi raj
      i have mailed the same question to teradata certification support and got the below mentioned reply –
      The Teradata Certified Professional Team (TCPP) does not provide a numerical score for any of the Teradata 12 exams. A passing score is set during the exam development process and an individual is either at, above, or below that passing score.
      For additional security and to further protect the exam content, TCPP does not provide the number of questions for the new Teradata 12 exams.

      So there is no way of finding the number of questions and passing marks, before giving the exams itself 🙂

  31. naveen

    asap 🙂

  32. naveen

    hi it ll b very helpful if u clear certifications n provide the dummy questions…:)

    1. admin

      Hi Naveen

      yes very soon i’ll post the sample questions for initial three exam for TD12
      i.e –
      1)Teradata 12 Basics
      2)Teradata 12 SQL
      3)Teradata 12 Physical Design and Implementation

      1. Anu

        please share sample questions.even am also plannig to take certification 🙂

        1. admin

          Yes Anu … 🙂

          1. swarupa

            what is the syllabus for teradata basics (TE0-121)

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