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Mar 06

Active Database for Interview Questions

  Dear Readers, We at TeradataTech, like the idea of creating a database where we can capture all the questions asked by different technical recruiters. So that our readers can prepare well before appearing for any Teradata related interviews. This database of interview questions will come only from you all, and we encourage everyone who has …

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Mar 14

Interview Questions : SET 3

Question 1: Difference between MultiLoad and TPump? Answer: Tpump provides an alternative to MultiLoad for low volume batch maintenance of large databases under control of a Teradata system. Tpump updates information in real time, acquiring every bit of a data from the client system with low processor utilization. It does this through a continuous feed …

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Mar 09

Interview Questions : SET 2

Question 1: What is the fallback or no fallback option while creating table DDL? Answer: FALLBACK requests that a second copy of the each rows inserted into the table has a duplicate copy in another AMP in the same cluster. This way we can make the copy of the data inserted into tables. While NO …

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