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Dec 12

Practice Questions 2

Practice 2 You may also want to check below mentioned Practice Papers for completer reference – Practice 1 Practice 1 I have also identified few E books which is immensely useful for Teradata Certification Preparation. Please have a look and if you are seriously preparing for TD certifications then don’t hesitate to purchase it.(Hover the …

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Mar 02

Practice Questions – Part 3

1. Which three aspects of the DSS environment have gained importance as technology has improved? (Choose three.) A. the ability to use detailed data B. the ability to do ad hoc queries C. the ability to do batch reporting D. requiring the data to be in a data mart E. the decreased need to use …

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Mar 01

Practice Questions – Part 2

1. What three types of processing are needed in decision support data warehouse environments? (Choose three.) A. ad hoc queries B. pre-defined reports C. analytical modeling D. continuous update E. event-based triggering Answer: ABC 2. Which three stages in data warehouse usage evolution lead to Active Data Warehousing? (Choose three.) A. modifying B. analyzing C. …

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Feb 28

Practice Questions – Part 1

1. Which three are characteristics of Active Data Warehousing? (Choose three.) A. allows for data redundancy B. provides scalability to support large amounts of detailed data C. allows users to directly update the operational data store (ODS) D. provides an integrated environment that supports strategic and tactical queries Answer: BCD 2. Why would you have …

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