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Active Database for Interview Questions


Dear Readers,

We at TeradataTech, like the idea of creating a database where we can capture all the questions asked by different technical recruiters. So that our readers can prepare well before appearing for any Teradata related interviews. This database of interview questions will come only from you all, and we encourage everyone who has recently or in the past have gone through the interview process to share their questions with us. Idea is to capture all real time interview questions (minus answer) so that candidates can sharpen their knowledge by searching for those answers. You can discuss the questions and possible answers in the comment section.

How to share your questions?

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Teradata Interview Questions

* last updated – 6 May 2017

* Top Contributor – Praveen 

Core Teradata Concepts

  • Explain the difference between PI and SI?
  • Why use PPI instead of SI or disadvantage of using PPI in Teradata tables?
  • Limitations of fastload?
  • What is NOPI in TD 14?
  • Explain what all steps you take for performance tuning of TD query? (Hint – prepare this well, favorite question in Teradata interviews)
  • Why using secondary index if we have already primary index?
  • Explain the basic structure of TPT script
  • What is hot standby node ? (DBA related question)
  • How to create case sensitive column in Teradata tables? (look into the DDL of table)


Scenario based Questions

  • We are inserting some data into the table but every time insert select is failing with error -‘No more room in DB’, but we do have sufficient space in DB. What may be the reason for this error? (Hint – skewness)
  • How you load multiple files using fastload ? is it possible?
  • Working example of rank() and row_number() function in Teradata
  • How to find if a particular user has access on given table or not?
  • How do we load 5 different files using one TPT script?
  • How you define a surrogate key in Teradata? (DW concept related question)


Teradata SQL

  • The difference between Union and Union ALL in Teradata?
  • How do you remove duplicate from the table? (Hint – think about SQL as not all columns are duplicated)
  • Table A is very big and has column EMP_ID Table B is small and has same column EMP_ID. Find all EMP_ID present in Table A which is NOT present in Table B? (Hint – think JOIN)
  • Find the second highest salary of an employee?
  • Find the maximum, second highest salary from employee table in the same row.
  • Give few tables and asked a question about how to get maximum sales in each department? (Hint – partition by clause)
  • Transpose rows to columns?
  • Transpose columns to rows?


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