Mar 22

Query to find user access and roles in Teradata

Query to find user access and role in teradata

Mar 06

Active Database for Interview Questions

Active database for real-time technical questions asked in Teradata Interviews.

Jan 11

Teradata Tech Associates

Greetings from !!! We at TeradataTech are looking for professionals who are interested in technical work related with Teradata, data warehouse and other relevant technologies. Approximate of 3-4 hours on weekends or 1-2 hours on weekday effort is required based on your preference. Currently we have multiple requirements like – Technical blog writers in …

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Nov 04

Recursive Query in Teradata

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Oct 10

ROLLUP Function with Example

Roll up function in teradata with example.

May 21

Teradata No Primary Index Tables

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Jan 17

Teradata 14 Certification

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